How Roofing Materials Can Save Energy

There are some homeowners who would like to be more energy efficient. It is possible to improve the energy efficiency of the home with the type of roof being used. A roof can last over 15 years, but the property owner who has a roof that increases the energy cost because its’ absorbs a lot of the heat from the sun may want to consider other alternatives. There are plenty of companies who can repair or replace a roof. The professional will know what roofing materials and design of the roof will conserve energy and save the property owner money. There are few trends that going to reduce heat created by sunlight hitting the roof.

Conserving Energy by Having the Correct Roof

Any roofing company bristol ct will utilize roofing material to conserve energy. The well-known program called Energy Star not only applies to appliances, but shingles and other roofing materials receive an Energy Star rating. Roofing materials with a high rating will have more reflective properties. Reflective properties will allow the material to reflect some of sun rays and heat from the sun, and it will help lower the temperature in the home. There are other methods in roofing used to conserve energy such as:

• Color of the roof
• Use of various tiles not made of asphalt
• A green roof

A roofer will be able to change the color of the roof to a lighter color will help reflect the sun rays and make the roof somewhat cooler. The change of color may not always be able to totally reduce the heat because materials used in roofing plays a significant role in conserving energy. Tiles created from anything except asphalt is going to help reduce the heat from the sun. Tiles made of concrete is a good example of material great at reflecting sun rays. The use of clay tiles on the roof will help reduce the cost of keeping the home cool. Metal roofs are good at reflecting sun rays and reducing heat. A property with a flat roof may consider planting a garden on the roof to create a green roof. A green roof will be energy efficient.

Cool Roofs and Solar Shingles Trends to Conserve Energy

The cool roof and use of solar energy shingles are trends that will help a home be more energy efficient. A cool roof is designed to reflect sunlight and absorb less heat. Reflective paint will be utilized on a cool roof. It is going to help reduce the energy used by a cooling system to keep a home cool. Solar shingles will be utilized in the future. It will be able to conserve energy. The use of solar shingle for roofing can be costly. The cost of a roof built of solar shingles can easily surpass $60,000. The solar shingles will grow in popularity once it becomes more cost-effective for most property owners to utilize. Roofing is one way to conserve energy, but it would not the only thing to be done to reduce the energy costs of the home.


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